Monday, October 6, 2008

My second 1st blog!!

I had another post yesterday but in effort to allow comments, Sarah had to get on and delete everything and start from scratch. So this will kinda be my first blog post. This picture is my pumpkin from last year!! I love fall and all that it entails!! Im getting ready for bed but am reflecting on the day behind me. Last night I asked Margot if she knew when the rain was coming and she said not until Tuesday, so I didn't seal up the Jeepy. Lo and behold, what was the weather like this morning?? Pure- D- Rain!! Oh well. I got off work at 1 so Margot and I hit up some thrift stores and then made some bean burritos for lunch!! We were gonna carve our pumpkins this afternoon but we put in a Friends DVD and took a nap instead!! I couldn't help but get excited tonight while watching the Hills because it seems that Heidi may be coming to a realization of how miserable Spencer is making her. Hopefully tomorrow we will carve away and I can post new pics to show off our pumpkin carving abilities!! As usual Schroeder is gonna faint if I don't turn off Hannity and Colmes and get in bed. (he falls apart at about 10:30 everynight!) Im gonna do us both a favor and go to sleep!! Ill keep you updated on those pumpkins!


Sarah said...

Yay, thanks to me its up and running. "Without me, you'd be lost!" :) Cant wait to see you, Im counting down the days!!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah said...

Im ready for another post, dont think you will get away with slacking on here!!! Post that cobbler recipe that you were making the other night, it sounded tasty!

Angela said...

I am waiting to see pics of this years Jack-o-lantern!! I need the cobbler recipe also. Can't wait to see you!
Love you,