Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Oktoberfest= beer, brats, and kettle corn!!! The weather turned out perfectly for Oktoberfest this year. I was so lucky to go with Jake, two of my besties (Steph and Edi)and their mates!! We filled ourselves with yummy beer, yummier cheese filled brats, and the yummiest kettle corn I have ever tasted in my 25 years! As you can imagine, the bathroom lines were horrendous. After waiting in line for 20 minutes Edi and I spotted a private porta potty for a certain brats tent. We snuck behind it to find that it was locked. Edi pleaded with the tent manager to let 3 cute girls use it quickly, and it worked. We saw several others trying what we tried and he would only respond with "sorry, its private." We felt special with our empty bladders while we watched everyone else in misery. We thought we would go out afterward because we were feeling young and frisky. Those "going out" feelings turned out to be "going out to eat" feelings, for when we got to Brookside we found ourselves cuddled into a cozy booth eating and yawning. We did get some amazing cheese fries!!!(as if we needed more food) We tried to stay out late but that cozy bed back at home with snuggly puppy awaiting me, won out!!


stephanie said...

That picture is so cute of all of us! Thank god we ate brats, kettle corn, chicken nachos and cheese fries that night, then topped it off with a pitcher of beer....sorry for partying :)

My name is Megan... said...

hey missy! I just came across your blog. love it! glad you guys celebrated halloween with us. see ya soon :)